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Betamab is one of only a couple of companies in the world capable of using in-silico based rational drug design for development protein-protein-inhibitors. Betabodies possess similar specificity and affinity as antibodies, protein fragments, and peptides selected from biochemical libraries.

Betamab’s proprietary betabody platform possesses a wide range of potential therapeutic applications. In collaboration with ALK Abello we are in the discovery phase with the purpose of finding and developing highly specific allergy therapeutics. Betamab also works on other targets and we are open to entering into certain strategic partnerships.

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A key reference to betabody technology:

Betamab therapeutics - betabodies

Computational Evolution of Threonine-Rich β-Hairpin Peptides Mimicking Specificity and Affinity of Antibodies Hongxia Hu, Christian Kofoed, Ming Li, Juliana Pereira Lopes Gonçalves, Jonas Hansen, Martin Wolfram, Axel Kornerup Hansen, Camilla Hartmann Friis Hansen, Frederik Diness, Sanne Schoffelen, and Morten Meldal. ACS Cent. Sci. 2019, 5, 259−269