Our mission is to develop highly specific therapeutics for intracellular and oral delivery.

Betamab’s betabody technology represents a significant leap forward in peptide therapeutics development. Uniquely, rather than selecting peptide-based protein-protein-inhibitors from large biological or chemical libraries, betabodies are designed in silico. Betabodies with affinity and specificity comparable to antibodies can subsequently be synthesized. Because of the in silico design, we are not restricted to using only natural L-amino acids. Betabodies are designed and synthesized using unnatural L and D amino acids thereby enabling a theoretical betabody binding diversity of stunningly 1037. Consequently, betabodies are protease-resistant, can be designed to cross cell membranes, be orally available, and possess very low immunogenicity.

Betamab is managed by seasoned managers and pioneers in the Scandinavian biotech industry. The company was spun out from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and the Betabody technology was invented by Professor Morten Meldal who is now the Betamab CSO.

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Betamab therapeutics - Søren Mouritsen-CEO Søren Mouritsen, CEO

Betamab therapeutics - Morten Meldal, CSO Morten Meldal, CSO

Board of Directors

Teit Johansen, Chairman

Søren Mouritsen, CEO

Morten Meldal, CSO

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